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Advantage Gold is a precious metals dealer based in Los Angeles, California. The company offers a large selection of IRA eligible bullion coins of various precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They have an A+ rating on BBB and a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot based on nearly 1400 reviews. Also, the company has very low fees and offers access to two of the leading IRA custodians. Their only drawback is they don’t share any pricing details about their bullion products on their website.
Fees & Charges
Honesty & Transparency
Customer Service
Product Selection
A large collection of IRA eligible coins
Low and competitive fees
A large selection of free educational resources
1500+ reviews across different review platforms
A+ rating on BBB
A U.S. Mint Listed dealer
Quick delivery times
Don’t disclose their product prices on the website
Minimum investment $25000 for IRA rollovers
Expert Score

What is Advantage Gold?Advantage Gold Locations, Timings, Email, Phone, Services

Advantage Gold, a precious metals dealer situated in Los Angeles, California, operates from its office at 12100 Wilshire Blvd #1450, Los Angeles, CA 90025, US. You can reach them at their contact number: 1800-341-8584.

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Advantage Gold has received a plethora of positive reviews on multiple third-party platforms such as TrustLink and BBB.

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They have been in business since 2014 and have been able to carve a place for themselves among the top players. 

Advantage Gold prides itself as the leader in precious metals IRA rollovers. There’s a good reason for it too. This gold IRA provider has a dedicated IRA department specializing in converting existing IRAs into precious metal IRAs.

Furthermore, they promise to educate potential customers about all the available investment options in precious metals. 

You also have the Advantage Gold buyback program in case you want to sell your precious metals products. The IRA company claims it completes the entire buyback process within 24 hours. 

Furthermore, the company has put in a lot of effort into educating potential clients. 

On their website, you will find tons of resources on retirement planning and IRAs. They can help you get started in your investing journey. 

Judging from the various Advantage Gold reviews I found online, the company offers exceptional customer service. 

Their account representatives get praises for being professional and helpful. The following Advantage Gold review will give you a better idea of what to expect from this company: 

People Behind Advantage Gold: CEO, Owner, Co-Founders & MoreWho owns Advantage Gold? What is the management team behind Colorado Gold?

Kirill Zagalsky

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Kirill Zagalsky is the co-founder of Advantage Gold. Before launching this firm, he used to work as a Senior Account Executive at a United States Mint listed dealer. 

There, Kiril Zagalsky specialized in precious metal IRA accounts. He has helped hundreds of customers turn their paper assets into physical precious metals through 401k rollovers as well as Direct Deliveries. 

Zagalsky started his career as a licensed Series 3 commodity broker for a major retail brokerage firm. There, Kirill Zagalsky used to serve as a Vice President. 

Several media outlets have featured him on discussions about gold IRAs including NBC. 

Adam Baratta

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Adam Baratta is a co-founder of Advantage Gold. Before founding this gold IRA company, he used to work at a United States Mint listed dealer. 

There, he was a Senior Account Executive and specialized in precious metal IRA accounts. 

Adam Baratta has a lot of experience in helping high net worth investors protect and preserve their wealth. 

Apart from being a co-founder of this precious metals company, Baratta is an award-winning writer, director and producer. He has co-founded a motion picture production company and has partnered with NBC Universal and NHL. 

Surely, Adam has ample experience as an entrepreneur.

Larry Levin

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Larry Levin is the CEO of Advantage Gold. He has over two decades of experience in the S&P trading pits. 

Larry Levin has given interviews on many national news outlets including Fox Business News and Bloomberg Television. 

Furthermore, he has been featured on prominent finance websites including and You can also find his interviews on multiple magazines such as Stocks and Commodities. 

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How to Invest with Advantage Gold

You can sign up with Advantage Gold quite easily. The sign up process at this gold IRA company is simple and seamless.

There are two ways you can sign up with this precious metals dealer: 

Method #1: 

The website of Advantage Gold offers you links to the pages of their IRA custodians – Equity Trust and STRATA Trust. 

Both of these pages have Adobe Sign, so you can sign up straightaway. 

You can open your precious metals IRA account digitally through this process. 

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Method #2: 

If you prefer to talk to a representative, you can call the Advantage Gold customer service number. 

There, you will get an account representative who will guide you through the entire sign up process. 

Advantage Gold Products: A Large Selection of IRA Approved Coins

Advantage Gold offers a large variety of bullion products. On their website, you’ll find gold bullion coins, silver bullion coins, platinum IRA approved coins and even palladium coins. 

Furthermore, they have many designs available so you can have as much variety in your precious metals IRA as you want. 

A huge benefit of investing with Advantage Gold is that all the coins available here are IRA eligible. 

Their focus on educating new investors ensures and the lack of any non-IRA coins ensures that investors can’t mistakenly purchase a coin that violates IRA rules. 

Below is a more detailed overview of Advantage Gold Products: 

Gold Products

At the time of writing this Advantage Gold review, I found a total of 13 Gold bullion coins in their selection. 

This collection has plenty of variety as well. 

Some of the notable coins available in their selection of gold products are: 

Gold American Eagle 

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The American Eagle Gold coin is among the most popular bullion coins in the market. Legally, it can only be made with gold minted in the US. 

It has enjoyed high popularity ever since it entered the bullion industry.

Gold Bighorn Sheep

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Denis Mayer, a renowned Canadian artist has designed this coin. It is the symbol of strength and power. 

The Gold Bighorn Sheep coin also features the engravings of The Royal Canadian Mint. 

American Buffalo Coins

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The 2006 American Buffalo gold coin is part of the US Mint’s American Buffalo gold coin series in West Point. 

They are an excellent investment for investors to hedge against inflation or add more variety to their precious metals IRA. 

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Apart from these designs, you can also find Canadian Wolverine, Canadian Great-Horned Owl, Austrian Philharmonic and several other coins here. 

Silver Products

Advantage Gold offers you 12 IRA eligible silver coins to choose from. All of these coins have intricate and attractive designs. 

Such a large variety ensures that you can add coins to your IRA portfolio according to your personal financial requirements. 

Some of the most attractive silver products at Advantage Gold are: 

Mexican Libertad Coins

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The Mexican Libertad coin is among the most iconic coins in the bullion industry. 

Its front displays Victoria with wings representing the independence of Mexico. The back of the coin showcases a unique coat of arms. 

Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins

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The Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin is the first silver bullion coin with a denomination in euros. These coins are minted by the Austrian Mint in Vienna and are .999 pure silver. 

They can be a great addition to investors interested in diversifying their portfolio. 

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Apart from these coins, you can also find American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Canadian Woodland Caribou and Canadian Wild Horse among other silver bullion coins. 

Platinum Products

One of the biggest highlights of Advantage Gold is that it offers IRA eligible platinum coins as well. 

This is an uncommon feature but highly lucrative. 

Platinum has risen in demand substantially over the past few decades and is an excellent way for investors to make their precious metals more diverse. 

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Their collection of platinum bullion coins has a total of 6 products. These include the American Eagle Proofs, Australian Emperor Penguin, Canadian Maple Leaf and Australian Humpback Whale platinum coins. 

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Palladium Products

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They offer one palladium bullion coin to investors. Palladium has grown in popularity in recent years and it’s impressive how many diversification options Advantage Gold offers to its clients. 

Although I think the collection of Advantage Gold coins is amazing, I didn’t like how their website doesn’t share details about the prices of the products. 

To find out the pricing details of their products, you will need to contact their representative through the toll-free number. This can make price comparison rather challenging. 

All gold IRA companies are NOT the same. We’ve done the hardwork for you and found the most transparent gold IRA company with the highest rating by customers.

Advantage Gold Fees: How Much Will You Need to Pay?

Your Advantage Gold fees and charges would depend on the IRA custodian you choose. This IRA provider offers two custodian options: 

  • STRATA Trust
  • ETF Equity Trust

The charges of each custodian vary. 

With STRATA Trust, you will need to pay $50 account set up fee and $95 annual maintenance fee. Similarly, there is a $150 fee for segregated precious metals storage and $100 fee for non-segregated precious metals storage. 

On the other hand, with Equity Trust, you would have to pay $50 account set up fee. Their account maintenance fee starts from $225 and depends on the amount you have in the account. 

Their fee for segregated precious metals storage is $150 and $100 for non-segregated storage. 

Initial Account Set Up Fee$50
Annual Account Maintenance Fee$95 with STRATA Trust and Variable with Equity Trust ($225 Min.)
Storage Fee$150 for segregated storage / $100 for non-segregated storage

Additional Highlights of Advantage Gold:

There are plenty of qualities that separate Advantage Gold from the rest of the competition. In this section of my Advantage Gold review, I have shared the unique qualities of this IRA provider: 

Free Gold IRA Guide: 

Advantage Gold puts a lot of focus on providing its clients with helpful resources. In their pursuit to educate new investors about precious metals investments, they have released a free investing guide. 

Anyone can read this guide and get a general idea of gold IRA investing basics. 

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All you have to do to get their free investing guide is to submit your contact information and you will get the free guide as a downloadable PDF. 

The guide teaches you about how a gold IRA works and what are the tax benefits of having a precious metals IRA. 

Moreover, you’ll learn about the IRS rules about precious metals IRAs and how you can rollover an existing retirement account into a gold IRA. 

The free guide is a great way for new investors to develop a deeper understanding of precious metals investments and IRA. 

Dedicated Retirement Resources: 

Apart from providing consumers with a free gold IRA investing guide, Advantage Gold offers a plethora of retirement resources. 

These include an introduction to what IRAs are, useful charts you should know and infographics on gold IRA. 

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The best thing is, all of these resources are free. 

I like how this IRA company is so focused on educating potential clients about precious metals investments so they make well-informed decisions. 

Trusted Custodians and Storage:

Advantage Gold offers custodian services of two reputed IRA custodians, STRATA Trust and Equity Trust. 

Furthermore, if you have another preferred IRA custodian, you can opt for them as well. 

In terms of storage, Advantage Gold offers its clients two options to choose from. 

You can go with Brinks Global Services who have vaults in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. 

Or, you can opt for Delaware Depository which has a vault in Wilmington, DE. 

Access to an Advantage Gold Customer Qualification Specialist:

According to the numerous Advantage Gold reviews I found online, the customer service of this company is impressive. 

Many clients have praised the firm’s customer qualification specialists who help you find the suitable IRA investments for you and help you throughout the setup. 

Their approach towards educating and assisting clients throughout the process has helped Advantage Gold cement itself as a prominent gold IRA company. 

Quick Buyback Facility: 

The buyback process at Advantage Gold is quick and easy.

Whenever you decide to sell your precious metals, you can contact them and they will buy it back from you. 

At minimum, the company will pay you for the spot price of the metals you’re selling. Also, the company claims it completes the entire buyback process within 24 hours. 

Easy rollovers: 

So, if you have an existing 401(k) or another IRA account, the company will rollover the funds from that account to your new precious metals IRA account.

They handle the entire process themselves and offer assistance whenever you need it. 

However, the minimum investment necessary to perform an IRA rollover with them is $25,000.

Advantage Gold Reviews & Complaints: What Their Customers Say

When I was looking into this firm, I found over 1500 positive Advantage Gold reviews on different review platforms. 

Most of its customer reviews praise the company for its excellent educational material and helpful staff. 

The company 

Apart from the client reviews, I found plenty of positive employee reviews.

Surely, the leadership at Advantage Gold knows that in order to have a properly functioning firm, they would need to provide their employees with a positive work environment. 

Below is a more detailed overview of the various Advantage Gold reviews I found online: 

Advantage Gold BBB:

The Advantage Gold BBB page has an A+ rating, which is the highest rating possible on that platform. 

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Furthermore, the company has a 4.79 out of 5 stars rating from 50+ client reviews. 

An A+ rating on BBB and such a high client rating indicates the company has put in a lot of effort into putting the clients’ interests ahead of its own. 

For example, Larry shares that he felt uncertain about his financial situation after losing trust in the American leadership. 

He did some research and came across Advantage Gold for advice and guidance. When he contacted them, he talked to Mark Neal who spent time getting to know Larry and put together a portfolio suitable for Larry. 

G UFnBucT3jYM6apDFLBKlUL wWpNz8NcHZCvooYtTlD YAvnvtwrq9GNhPjj

He adds that the experts at Advantage Gold helped him throughout the process and it took less than 30 days. 

Larry recommends Advantage Gold. 

Advantage Gold Trustpilot: 

On Trustpilot, there are over 1300 Advantage Gold reviews. 

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Based on these reviews, the company has a 4.9 out of 5-stars rating. Here’s an example of what their clients say on Trustpilot: 

1 ky 7yymA5mhBeL4gtl2n6YftZseEqvXJgQtUSQdz1Hl7QbHYpJPTpBSE2hUqJu6 79VSC3esGubsQTa7lRezaqlZ5VLdHX4ccsrYqqtHLRsxiKo6FAo9Sv5MqjJFlMifGy2YVg8gYFR03 GpPbHIbL7Ri29pr0ejg3T7aigWGtR3UXkyo4XcDcSw

Sam says that he had talks with multiple precious metals companies and decided to go forward with Advantage Gold. 

He says the reason why he chose to work with this company initially was their impressive BBB rating. 

Moreover, he enjoyed working with his account executive who was very knowledgeable and guided him on every step. 

Sam points out that although he is not a total beginner to precious metals, the guidance of his account executive eased his anxiety about his purchases.

The Advantage Gold Trustlink has 477 reviews at the time of writing this review and the company enjoys a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating there. 

OhkIq0Cu8klleNa7L0TzM4yCbt9mp7F9LE22YvB94u pjDlCyGOqcka7NtfLdbIvyqaH2eU mcLZ7r ovA8QYOxHeULZIxvS97hekN3fL3M85WLO3DfKsbO

This is an extraordinary feat. Surely, it displays the precious metals dealer’s emphasis on putting clients first. 

Like the other platforms, clients praise the company’s helpful staff and for making the processing of buying precious metals simpler. 

8p8JXevOaMrE38h2AuaZp o3fbagk YGBXAhNWhefuLMeekXE Jimcw5eYkuPI7V1j7mj8aI2yxGOjD9IO YPogvVjFP TXmyZKFyGX1nBHuR14km 1p8GCdp2bHg4UBCS CQ1m 0PGlzFYTw4f8P1KlUpDZ23OccoRm9gBP6W3ZA rPF9f073odkA

Advantage Gold Glassdoor:

In terms of employee satisfaction, it seems the company has put in a lot of work. The Advantage Gold Glassdoor page shows 4 out of 5-stars for the company from 9 employee reviews. 

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Most of the reviews praise the positive training and flexible nature of their jobs. 

VHsif4Tj2CBAUEcTXDI2ldLbpB2aqyZbrJJ7onpginZnZtKLl0gHFgnbLO2wzVlAo0aaoRfqnt21vfbLGCUJRtKYR3kjXFNJlupbIx0FeEu5WPvDNu52Fow0JE6wpWOJRsUSjt8j307iobhyRBitTmSRJ7Tww gQxM N827VBCFcVqx9Rg49qAa aQ

It’s good to see a gold IRA company taking its staff seriously and making sure they have a comfortable environment. 

Is Advantage Gold Legit?


  • A large collection of IRA eligible coins
  • Low and competitive fees
  • A large selection of free educational resources
  • 1500+ reviews across different review platforms
  • A+ rating on BBB
  • A U.S. Mint Listed dealer
  • Quick delivery times


  • Don’t disclose their product prices on the website
  • Minimum investment $25000 for IRA rollovers

Yes, Advantage Gold is a legitimate gold IRA company. They have over 1700+ positive reviews across different consumer platforms. 

On top of that, the company has a large selection of IRA eligible bullion coins. For beginners, this is an amazing feature because they won’t mistakenly buy a non-IRA coin.

Also, the company provides its customers with many educational resources including infographics, charts and a complete guide. 

All of their resources are available to consumers for free. 

Furthermore, Advantage Gold is a U.S. Mint listed dealer, adding more credibility to their brand. 

Advantage Gold is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced investors alike. The firm offers a large selection of free resources so you can get an idea of what an IRA is and why you should invest in precious metals. 

The company has established itself as a prominent gold IRA provider and the thousands of client reviews are proof of the same. 

Although I think Advantage Gold is suitable for most investors, you shouldn’t follow my word blindly. Be sure to consult with an expert and make an informed decision. 

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