Morgan Stanley Gold IRA: Worth the Risk? Expert Review 2023

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Gold IRA
Morgan Stanley doesn't offer any gold IRA services. Instead, the company allows clients to invest in paper gold which fails to offer the benefits of physical gold. Also, the company's offered investments are highly dependent on the US dollar and are only suitable for normal economic conditions.
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Honesty & Transparency
Customer Service
A reputed brand
Large number of investment products
No gold IRA services
No option to invest in physical gold
Hidden fees
Lack of transparency
Offered investments are heavily dependent on the US dollar
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Morgan Stanley Gold IRA is a global financial services firm. The firm offers investment banking products and services to businesses, governments, and financial institutions, as well as clients and customers. 

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Morgan Stanley has expanded from small beginnings to serve millions of clients. 

But do they provide IRAs that allow you to keep physical gold and other precious metals?

Unfortunately, they do not provide an IRA that allows investors to hold physical gold and silver to protect their investments from inflation. However, Morgan Stanley’s expertise in traditional investments is widely recognized.

What is Morgan Stanley Gold IRA?

Morgan Stanley achieved the 61st position on the 2021 Fortune 500 ranking of the top firms in the United States by total revenue.

J.P. Morgan & Co. partners Henry Sturgis Morgan, Harold Stanley, and others founded the original Morgan Stanley on September 16, 1935.

Henry Sturgis Morgan, a grandson of J.P. Morgan, Harold Stanley, and other partners at Morgan & Co. founded the original Morgan Stanley in response to the Glass-Steagall Act, which mandated the separation of American commercial and investment banking businesses.

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In its first year, the business had a 24% market share in public offerings (US$1.1 billion).

In 1997, the original Morgan Stanley merged with Dean Witter Discover & Co. to form the current Morgan Stanley. Philip J. Purcell, the Chairman and CEO of Dean Witter, became the Chairman and CEO of the newly combined “Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Discover & Co.”

Furthermore, the company divides its operations into three main business segments: institutional securities, wealth management, and investment management.

On behalf of institutional investors, the Institutional Services division provides financial consulting, capital-raising, and related financial services.

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What Services does Morgan Stanley Gold IRA Offer? 

Morgan Stanley claims that it provides services relevant to each stage of life. Its services include:

  • Goals-based wealth planning
  • Investment advice and management 
  • Long-term care and disability insurance
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Cash management and lending solutions
  • IRAs and other retirement solutions
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance solutions
  • Education funding
  • Income protection strategies

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s LifeView® Advisor and LifeView® Personal Wealth Advisor programmes provide financial planning. 

A Morgan Stanley financial advisor may assist you in evaluating your financial goals and creating an appropriate strategy to fulfil those goals, which may include saving for retirement or funding an education. 

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management also offers services tailored only for business owners. These services include business startup advice, moving forward business planning, as well as succession and exit preparation.

Client Types and Account Minimums of Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley serves individuals, families, businesses, and institutions. It provides a number of account programs, each with distinct account minimums and levels of investment experience. 

Morgan Stanley’s Fiduciary Services program has a $100,000 minimum for most equities, balanced, and fixed-income accounts. A $250,000 minimum is required for most municipal bonds, high-yield and tax-efficient equity accounts, as well as financial planning services. 

Account minimums for the firm’s consulting and assessment services, investment management services, as well as Private Wealth Management (PWM) Manager Assessment Program can range from $250,000 to $5 million.

Moreover, different divisions of Morgan Stanley require different account minimums and are geared toward different types of clients. Here are the divisions within Morgan Stanley: 

Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management is a division of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management that only services ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Morgan Stanley declined to reveal the account minimum required to enrol in Private Wealth Management. Individuals with a net worth of at least $30 million, excluding personal assets, are considered ultra-high net worth. 

Types of Accounts at Morgan Stanley

Global Sports & Entertainment

Morgan Stanley’s Global Sports & Entertainment division, as the name suggests, serves sports and entertainment professionals. According to the firm, its sports and entertainment directors have worked with actors, directors, film, TV, and theatre producers, authors, singers, composers, music producers, professional athletes, coaches, as well as owners from all major sports. Morgan Stanley does not define an account minimum for this division.

Access Investing

This is Morgan Stanley’s robo-advisor service. Morgan Stanley Access Investing is aimed at numerous lower-level investors and has a $5,000 account minimum, the lowest of any of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s account programs. For additional information, see SmartAsset’s evaluation of Morgan Stanley Access Investing.

Morgan Stanley Gold IRA Investment Philosophy

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management offers both model and personalised portfolios, and it claims to offer 140 different investment options to its clients. 

It claims that stocks, bonds, money market funds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and cash are regularly used in client portfolios. Morgan Stanley Wealth Management provides alternative investing possibilities to qualified individuals.

Morgan Stanley claims to use a “spectrum” of investment strategies. Impact investing is one of its featured methodologies, which focuses on making investment decisions that have a good social or environmental impact. According to the business, these chances are identified through counsel and extensive study.

Morgan Stanley also provides values-based investing, which aims to connect clients’ portfolios with their personal values. Another alternative is thematic exposure, in which clients can centre their portfolios on specific themes or focuses, such as sustainability or technology.

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA, also known as a precious metals IRA, is an Individual Retirement Account that holds physical gold or other approved precious metals in custody for the benefit of the account owner.

It operates similarly to a traditional IRA, but it includes physical bullion coins or bars, as opposed to traditional paper assets. Typically, precious metals IRAs are self-directed IRAs, where the custodian allows for a broader range of investments to be held within the account.

The four precious metals—gold, silver, platinum, and palladium—can be stored in an individual retirement account as long as they are in the form of IRS-approved coin or bar items.

You can learn more about precious metals IRAs through the following guide:


My Recommended Morgan Stanley Gold IRA Alternative

 I don’t recommend investing in a gold IRA with Morgan Stanley. Why? Because they don’t specialize in this area.

While Morgan Stanley does not offer a specific gold IRA option involving physical precious metals, it provides a robust platform for conventional investment needs.

However, investors interested in precious metals IRAs can explore specialized firms like Augusta Precious Metals, which focuses exclusively on this niche.

I recommend going with our top-rated company: Augusta Precious Metals. You can check out my review of them here.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is regarded as one of the most trustworthy companies in the market. Their company was founded in 2012, and their main goal is to help their clients have a better retirement.

Thousands of good reviews about their products and services can be found on numerous websites. This shows how successfully they achieve their tasks and handle their customers regardless of their needs.

Augusta Precious Metals maintains its leadership position by providing its clients with educational resources. This is excellent for people who need more field experience and understanding.

It is also significantly easier to open an account with them. You will still have to deal with paperwork, but they will assist you to ensure everything is in order.

The only disadvantage of the company is its high minimum investment requirement of $50,000. Others may think this is overpriced, but rest assured that they will keep your assets and cash protected.


  • Kingdom Trust, which manages over $12 billion in assets, has been a long-term partner.
  • A wide range of products are offered.
  • A long list of coins
  • All orders receive free shipping.


  • The minimum investment cost is high ($50,000).

What Makes Gold an Ideal Investment For Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) protect your retirement and your family’s financial security.

These unique accounts allow you to save money tax-free that you may use later. To have a secure and worry-free retirement, it is necessary to allocate a significant portion of these long-term savings to assets that are solid and reliable. 

Invest in Gold IRAs

You can keep cash in an IRA, but it depreciates quickly and inflation is out of control.  Gold is the best asset for this because it is dependable, retains its value, and even increases in value over time. 

Gold is a secure investment for your IRA. It’s the only non-fungible, physical product that’s stood up exceptionally well. It’s also a commodity that may be bought and sold quickly on the open market. As a result, gold is a substantial and stable investment that can help safeguard your portfolio against inflation and other economic conditions. 

Adding gold to your retirement account can be a wise decision.

Is Morgan Stanley Gold IRA a Scam?

They are not a scam. Some people might have a negative opinion about Morgan Stanley due to personal experience, but this does not imply that they are a scam.

Investing involves risks, and nothing is assured, even with the greatest management teams. Morgan Stanley is a well-known financial services and investment management firm in the United States, if not the world. 

Morgan Stanley, on the other hand, is not a good option for the wise investor seeking a firm to invest in Gold IRA because they do not specialize in this industry. Instead, I recommend checking out our top gold investment companies of this year.

There, you can learn about what the industry’s best has to offer.

On the other hand, you can also check out the best gold investment company of your state below: