New Zealand Gold Kiwis: History, Design, Purity and Analysis (Updated 2023)

New Zealand Gold Kiwis are a famous gold coin in the incredibly beautiful nation in the South Pacific. The bird featured on these coins, are Kiwis. Apart from a quarter ounce of approximately pure gold, these coins are the source for investment and retirement portfolio holdings, in addition to being beneficial collectors’ pieces.

New Zealand Gold Kiwis History and Background

New Zealand Gold Kiwis feature the flightless bird, the Kiwi of New Zealand.

It is a loving animal, in real life in its natural environment and on the front phase of the coin as well. This bullion gold coin features the Rakiura Tokeka, the only Kiwi bird that is active during the day as opposed to its nocturnal cousins.

New Zealand Gold Kiwis

The government mint in the adored nation of New Zealand does not make these diamonds. Despite the fact that it promotes them. This is due to the absence of a New Zealand government mint.

The independently running New Zealand Mint is the only mint in the country. It also produces official bullion coins for a number of other South Pacific island states. Actually, the Mayer Mint Germany is the one that mints these coins.

Five generations of family members have owned The Mayer Mint Germany since its founding in 1871, making it a proudly family-run private minting business.

The traditional business has raised levels of recognition globally as a result of its decision to consistently embrace innovation and development.

Their reputation is justified by the extraordinary abilities of their Mint Masters. They create commemorative coins and medals in addition to legally tender precious metal products.

This characteristic comes from an immense vanity in their minting process, handiwork applying the most popular technology in the industry, severely imposed quality control and the spirit incarnated in five generations of a family well-known for its Mint Masters.

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The mintages on these coins are a bit smaller as compared to the millions of Gold America Eagles and Gold Canadian Maple Leafs.

Physical Characteristics of New Zealand Gold Kiwis

This private company backs the quarter-ounce New Zealand Gold Kiwis. The Mayer Mint Germany manufactured it.

The government of New Zealand also favours the sovereign bullion currency. Both groups take the assurance for coins that all go with suitable specifications of gold weight, purity, and metal content.

The physical properties of New Zealand Gold Kiwis can be studied by a few points such as 

  •   Design of Coin
  •   Specifications of Coin

Design of Coin

The front side of any coin is the “obverse” by both traders and coin collectors. Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the sovereign of New Zealand as a member of the Commonwealth. She is also present on the New Zealand Gold Kiwis.

This right-facing portrait was made by Ian Rank Broadley. It is frequently found on the back of official, government-backed coins in Commonwealth countries.

At the base of the queen’s neck are his initials. Together with the image of the queen, the coin also features the words “NEW ZEALAND” to the left of the bust and “ELIZABETH II” to the right of Her Majesty. The minting year is in the bottom center of the rim.

New Zealand Gold Kiwis Design
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Coin collectors also refer to the reverse side of any coin by its technical term, “reverse.” The Rakiura Tokeka Kiwi bird is depicted on this lovely and fascinating coin as it walks down a beach on Rakiura throughout the day.

“APTERYX AUSTRALIS LAWRYI” is written above the animal. “TEN DOLLARS” is engraved at the bottom of the middle rim of the coin.

Specifications of Coin

New Zealand Gold Kiwis come in numerous distinct sizes (and accompanying denominations), including one-quarter and one-tenth ounces.  The specifications for the most famous one-quarter-ounce size are as follows:

  • Mass: 7.78 grams
  • Diameter: 20.6 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Metal Content: 0.25 troy ounce
  • Gold Purity: 99.99% pure

New Zealand Gold Kiwis Pricing

The famous quarter-ounce size of New Zealand Gold Kiwis was present with a value of $10 on the official legal currency. As a result, they have the full support of the New Zealand national government and are to be used throughout the nation.

The coin’s gold content, however, is currently worth more than $250, so doing this would be a senseless act. Due to the relatively low mintages, as well as the coins’ special attractiveness and collectible valuation, the market value of such coins is derived from an additional premium in addition to the underlying current price of gold. So, the retail value of these coins is higher than the spot price of gold.

The most significant aspect of these coins is their market value. It gives any portfolio access to its true value. Throughout the entire trading week, gold prices fluctuate. These coins do have a tendency to fluctuate along with variations in the price of gold across the world from Sunday to Friday at the end of the day.

Can IRA Accounts Contain New Zealand Gold Kiwis?

The original mintage of New Zealand Gold Kiwis is restricted for each year, making them some of the most alluring and distinctive government-backed bullion coins in circulation today.

You must ask your IRA account administrator to make a first order for at least $5,000 in precious metal purchases on your new account before you can create your precious metals IRA.

After that, you can make up to $1,000 worth of additional purchases of precious metals in your gold IRA.

If you are not sure about whether or not the IRS will permit you to encompass these gems within your precious metals IRA accounts. be careful to evaluate them on a mainly two-fold standard which includes the fineness of gold and its low collectability. The IRS asserts that these coins bear .995 in minimum gold fineness.  

These coins are.9999 fine gold, which is purer than this level, but regrettably, the IRS has determined that they are too precious and carry too much of a premium above gold prices to be kept in your self-directed IRAs.

They continue to make excellent choices for various retirement, investment, and collector accounts and portfolios. You must speak with a trustworthy bullion dealer or a gold coin dealer who is willing to locate them for you if you want to purchase them.


Subsequently,  we learned today about the purity, beauty and heritage of New Zealand Gold Kiwis. Furthermore, they are easily a great choice for collectors.

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