Panda America Reviews

Panda America Reviews
Panda America
Panda America is a precious metals company which specializes in Panda coins. They have a decent selection of bullion products to offer.
Fees & Charges
Honesty & Transparency
Customer Service
Decent selection of products
Secure shipping options
Multiple IRA-eligible products on offer
No Better Business Bureau profile
Mixed reviews
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Panda America stands as a prominent figure in the precious metals industry, specializing in coins and bullion since 1982. Based in Torrance, California, the company has garnered a reputation for its rare coin selection and expertise in numismatics.

In this review, we delve into Panda America’s product offerings, customer service standards, shipping processes, payment options, reputation, and customer feedback.

By providing insights into these aspects, we aim to equip potential customers with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding precious metals investments with Panda America.

What is Panda America? 

Panda America is a precious metals dealer specializing in coins and bullion. The company is based in Torrance, California, and has been in business since 1982. The Company is well-known for its selection of rare coins and its expertise in the numismatic industry.

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The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of Panda America’s product offerings, customer service, shipping and handling processes, payment options, reputation, and reviews, as well as any unique or exclusive products offered. This review aims to assist potential customers in making informed decisions when considering purchasing precious metals from Panda America.

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People Behind Panda America

Panda America was originally founded by Martin Weiss, who served as the company’s CEO until it was sold to Peter Yeung and Kitty Quan in 2005. After the acquisition, Peter Yeung became the President of the Company, while Kitty Quan served as the CEO.

Panda America also has a team of experts who specialize in precious metals, including numismatics, grading, and authentication. They work to ensure the authenticity and quality of the products offered by the company.

Panda America employs a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and maintaining the company’s reputation as a trusted dealer in the industry.

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How to Invest in Panda America IRA?

Panda America does not offer Gold IRA or related services. They specialize in buying and selling precious metals and jewellery with their customers.

Panda America coins

If you are an IRA investor, it is recommended that you explore the product offerings of a firm that focuses more on IRAs, such as Birch Gold Group or Augusta Precious Metals. These companies have experienced staff who can help you open and invest in gold IRAs. Therefore, they may be a better fit for your needs.

Panda America Products

Panda America offers a variety of precious metal products for investors and collectors, including:

  1. Gold coins: American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffalos, Chinese Gold Pandas, South African Krugerrands, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, and more.
  2. Silver coins: American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Australian Silver Kangaroos, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, and more.
  3. Gold bars: PAMP Suisse gold bars, Credit Suisse gold bars, Perth Mint gold bars, and more.
  4. Platinum coins: American Platinum Eagles, Canadian Platinum Maple Leafs, Australian Platinum Kangaroos, and more.
  5. Palladium coins: Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs, American Palladium Eagles, and more.
  6. Platinum and palladium bars: Credit Suisse platinum and palladium bars, PAMP Suisse platinum and palladium bars, and more.
  7. Silver bars: PAMP Suisse silver bars, Perth Mint silver bars, and more.

Including rare and collectible coins, limited edition coins, and commemorative coins, Panda America also offers a variety of exclusive and unique products.

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Panda America Fees and Charges

Here is an overview of some of the fees and charges you may encounter:

Panda America’s fees and charges may vary depending on the specific product and service being offered. Regarding sales tax, only customers within California are to pay a sales tax of 9% for orders below $1,500. Panda America allows payment by Credit Cards, Checks, Money orders, and Bank Wires.

  1. Product prices: Panda America’s product prices may include premiums over the spot price of the metal, which reflect the costs associated with manufacturing, distribution, and profit margins.
  1. Shipping and handling: Panda America offers various shipping options, and the cost of shipping will depend on the value of the product, the shipping method chosen, and the destination.
  1. Payment fees: Panda America accepts various forms of payment, including credit cards, checks, and wire transfers. Depending on the payment method you choose, there may be additional fees or processing charges.

It’s worth noting that Panda America doesn’t disclose its fee-related info on its website. This can be quite alarming.

That’s because there are plenty of gold IRA companies which are rather transparent about their fees and charges.

Panda America Reviews and Complaints: What Do Their Customers Say?

We have compiled ratings and reviews of Panda America from popular directories and rating bureaus online, including the following:

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

This company has had no ratings and no complaints in the last 3 years. In fact, they don’t have a page on the website.

This is a huge red flag because all reputed precious metals dealers have a BBB page. The BBB rating of a business helps investors in determining whether it’s reliable or not.

Certainly, the lack of one suggests this gold dealer is not as reliable as one would expect.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

Panda America has a rating of “AAA” and no complaints in the last 3 years

Panda America BCA reviews


The company has 3.5 stars out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews.

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Some positive Panda America reviews are as follows:

image 126

According to Mr Michael A., he has no complaints or concerns. He was able to easily order additional silver BU Pandas online through his Panda America account and received follow-up emails regarding the purchase and order status. He acquired two Pandas and received valuable advice from CEO Kitty Quan on selling other Pandas in his possession. Thank you, CEO Quan!

image 127

According to Jason Q., there is plenty of parking available at the location. Additionally, there is a vast assortment of Chinese coins, as well as modern coins, that one can peruse. He typically receives favourable pricing when he calls to place an order or check their eBay store. Overall, he is content with the quality of the coins offered at this establishment.

Panda America customer review

James T. E. mentioned that he had visited the place years ago and was always satisfied with the variety of options available in the panda line. He also added that it is a well-managed business establishment.

image 129

Ethan Z. shared that Panda America was established in 1982 as the first authorized distributor for the recently issued Chinese Panda bullion coins. The popularity of panda coins has been immense, as collectors are aware. Taking advantage of their early success as panda dealers, Panda America has expanded their product line to primarily include bullion coins (silver, gold, platinum) from most of the major world mints. They still specialize in Asian country coinage and are among the few dealers that can offer coins from Singapore, Japan, and Korea.

The company is reliable and professional, but its prices are usually higher compared to others in the market. They also sell on eBay, and exceptional deals can be found there. However, the prices listed on their website are typically not competitive. Occasionally, you may find a good deal on their site, but it’s essential to compare prices with all major competitors such as Apmex,, and Kitco. He rated them 3 stars due to their often high prices.

image 130

Sun K. expressed his admiration for this business, stating that he has been doing business with them for over two years now. He commended their friendly service and great prices and mentioned William as the primary point of contact. Sun K. recommends visiting them if you’re interested in high-end coins or bulk purchase discounts.

Some Panda America complaints are as follows:

image 131

Rather than their positive reviews, they have some negative reviews too with them. Like, one of their customer Michael B. strongly advises against engaging with these individuals and deems it unnecessary to waste anyone’s time reading further. He cautions particularly against the supposedly authentic US coins they sell on eBay.

image 132

Jim Y. had an unpleasant experience with this company recently, as they conducted business unprofessionally. Jim ordered some coins and went to pick them up but found out that the price had been increased on him.

Even though he had placed the order with Peter’s employee, Vince, at the agreed-upon price. While Jim had bought from them before without any issues, he only rates them 2 stars because of this recent experience.

Panda America Lawsuits


image 467

On 29 September 2020, Peter Yeung filed a Contract lawsuit against Panda America. You can get more information here: Panda America Lawsuit

Are There Any Panda America Complaints? Should You Be Concerned?

As you must have noticed, there are a few complaints against them online. Most of the complaints are regarding poor customer service and mistreatment of customers.

Beware of gold dealers who receive mixed reviews. It indicates that the company doesn’t succeed at satisfying most of its customers. Certainly, you don’t want to deal with a company

Is Panda America Legit?

Yes, Panda America is a legitimate dealer in the precious metals industry. They have been in business for over 40 years and are a member of several industry associations, including the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).


  • Decent selection of products
  • Secure shipping options
  • Multiple IRA-eligible products on offer


  • No Better Business Bureau profile
  • Mixed reviews

The gold dealer has a reputation for being a trusted dealer and has significant experience.

Whether or not you should invest with Panda America depends on your individual investment goals and preferences. While they have an impressive product selection, they don’t offer any IRA services.

If you’re interested in precious metals investment, you should go with an experienced company.

Ideally, you should choose a company with experienced staff on board with near-perfect ratings across consumer platforms. There are plenty of options available in the industry which are much better than this one.

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