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Perpetual Assets
Perpetual Assets is a relatively new alternative investments company that offers LLC IRAs to customers. However, their services overcomplicate retirement savings and they also haven't received many reviews online.
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Lack of specialization
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What is Perpetual Assets?Perpetual Assets Locations, Timings, Email, Phone, Services

Perpetual Assets claims to be America’s first Cryptocurrency and Precious Metals Dealer, specialising in Retirement Accounts. It was founded in 2013 by Gus Demos and William L Lehr.

The fundamental goal of this company is to provide superior knowledge and first-rate customer service to its clients while assisting them in achieving financial security.

Perpetual Assets logo

The company says that its LLC IRA retirement solution gives clients complete control over their Retirement Accounts and allows them to invest across many asset classes easily.

They also claim that their cryptocurrency trade desk provides clients with the shortest onboarding procedure in the industry, as well as the convenience of their customer support team guiding the customer through all KYC and AML processes.

In this detailed review, we’ll analyse the company’s capabilities, customer service, and trustworthiness to help investors determine if Perpetual Assets is the best option for their investing goals.

  • Address: 30 N Gould St Ste 2540, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801, United States
  • Timing: Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm
  • Phone: +1 888-281-2630
  • Email:
  • Website:

People Behind Perpetual Assets: CEO, Owner, Co-Founders & MoreWho owns Perpetual Assets? What is the management team behind Perpetual Assets?

Perpetual Assets does not provide any information about its team members, which is not a positive sign for potential clients. However, after searching the team on the web, we discovered that the company was founded by Gus Demos and William L Lehr. We only came across William L Lehr’s LinkedIn profile; no information about owner Gus Demos is available.

William L Lehr: Co-Founder

Co-Founder William L Lehr

William L Lehr is a Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Perpetual Assets. He has over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, particularly in alternative assets and private wealth management.

Previously, He has worked in the precious metals industry from minting to brokering.

Will has been working in the bitcoin market since 2013, where he has served as an advisor and developed a private channel fully regulated OTC desk.

He has appeared in several media interviews and public speaking engagements to discuss economic, geopolitical, and financial trends as they affect individual planning.

His areas of expertise include macroeconomics, monetary policy, inflation/deflation cycles, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, asset allocation, new account acquisition, marketing, recruiting, educating, company development, strategic market analysis, and fluency in Spanish.

Perpetual Assets Products: Bullion Coins, Bars, And Rare CoinsAll products offered by Perpetual Assets

Perpetual Assets provides consultation as well as investment services. In fact, it claims to be America’s first cryptocurrency and precious metals dealer with a focus on retirement funds.


The company primarily provides LLC IRA services.

What is an LLC IRA? Basically, it is a method for customers to handle Cryptocurrency Private Keys in a retirement account. They can also manage precious metal delivery and storage options.

LLC IRA by Perpetual Assets

The complete cost of the LLC IRA may also be paid with assets from the retirement account.

Aside from precious metals and cryptocurrencies, an LLC IRA can provide you with the ability to store liquidity, stocks, bonds, property, and a variety of other asset types.

Another company that specializes in this field is Broad Financial.

In short, the client has complete control over everything. Perpetual Assets will only help you in facilitating your LLC IRA.

Do I think an LLC IRA is suitable for you? No.


Because an LLC IRA will overcomplicate things for you, forcing you to stay dependent on your service provider.

If you’re interested in alternative investments, opening a gold IRA would be more beneficial for you. I suggest going with a reputed gold IRA firm as it will guide you through the process but ensure you are independent.

Learn more about gold IRAs here:


Precious Metals Sales

Perpetual Assets offers several methods for purchasing precious metals. They sell a wide range of precious metals, including gold and silver, at exceptionally competitive prices, in the form of coins and bars.


Purchasing precious metals such as gold and silver is secure, quick, and easy with this company. Purchase with a call or click for a consultation.

Perpetual Assets Gold Bars & Coins

Perpetual Assets claims to have advisors who are experienced and highly knowledgeable in the Precious Metals market, and they provide advice and support. They carry a wide range of products and asset classes in addition to those mentioned on their website.

For the gold coins and rounds, the following are the products offered:

  • American Gold Eagle
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo

Meanwhile, the following gold bars are available from Perpetual Assets:

  • 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 1 oz Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar
  • 1 oz Pamp Suisse Gold Bar
  • 10 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar
  • 10 oz Pamp Suisse Gold Bar


Perpetual Assets also offers silver products. Silver coins and rounds, as well as silver bars, are available.

Silver Bars & Coins

The following silver coins and rounds are currently available:

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Silver Buffalo
  • Silver Generic Rounds

For the silver bars, here are the available products:

  • GSM 10 oz Silver Bars
  • 100 oz RCM Silver Bar
  • 100 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar

Cryptocurrency Investments

Perpetual Assets allows its customers to invest in several digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Cryptocurrency Investments at Perpetual Assets
Beware of Gold IRA scams. Recently several scams have been charged by the authorities. Companies such as Regal Assets, Safeguard Metals and Red Rock Secured defrauded hundereds of retirees like you and me. I strongly suggest you learn how to identify gold IRA scams. You can request a free guide using the button below:

Secure Storage

Perpetual Assets provides storage options for clients who desire to securely keep their precious metals and digital currencies. Customers can choose between domestic and foreign storage options, with facilities in the United States and Singapore.

How to Invest in Perpetual Assets IRA?Step-by-step guide for investing in Perpetual Assets IRA

Time needed: 15 days

To invest in a precious metals IRA through Perpetual Assets, here are the general steps:

  1. Open a Self-Directed IRA

    Select an IRA company that handles opening precious metals IRA accounts and fill out an application. You can work with Perpetual Assets to recommend an IRA company and provide the necessary paperwork. However, I don’t recommend doing so.

  2. Fund Your IRA

    Once you have selected an IRA company, you can move your funds into your new IRA account. You can work with the IRA company representative to transfer or rollover funds into the new account.

  3. Select a Precious Metals Dealer

    One of the forms you need to fill out along the way is typically called a Buy Direction Letter. This is where you list the precious metals dealer you have selected, such as Perpetual Assets

  4. Decide Which Precious Metals to Purchase

    You can choose to invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium for your IRA. There are some restrictions regarding fineness requirements and allowable coin types, so it’s important to get guidance from Perpetual Assets in this area.

  5. Place Your Order

    Once the funds are available in your IRA account, you can call them to place your order for the desired precious metals.

However, I don’t recommend opening an IRA with them. Why? Because there are plenty of better options available for you.

Opening a precious metals IRA is a major decision. That’s why I suggest checking out our top gold IRA providers list. There, you can find the best precious metals dealer of your state and choose accordingly.

Also, the list will help you understand what the industry’s best has to offer and what you might miss out on.

Perpetual Assets Fees and Charges: Do they overcharge?What are their fees? Do they have hidden fees?

Pricing and Fees

Perpetual Assets asserts that its services have competitive pricing with no hidden fees. For its precious metals IRA accounts, the company does not charge any setup or transfer fees, which is a substantial benefit for investors.

Perpetual Assets Fees & Charges

It’s important to note that Perpetual Assets is transparent about its pricing and fees.

Precious Metals Pricing

Perpetual Assets’ precious metals prices are competitive and in accordance with industry standards. On its website, the company offers clients live pricing, allowing them to easily compare prices with other dealers.

Cryptocurrency Pricing

Perpetual Assets does not charge any additional fees for purchasing digital currencies through its platform. Nonetheless, investors should be aware that they will be required to pay transaction fees to cryptocurrency networks, which might vary based on the specific digital asset and the network’s present congestion.

Shipping Charges

According to the Perpetual Assets website, shipping charges are as follows:

  • Order Total $1000-$2,000 Shipping rate $9.99
  • Order Total over $2,000 Shipping rate $19.99

Additionally, the company offer flat-rate shipping based on each order’s subtotal.

A Minimum Order is Required

When you sign up with Perpetual Assets, you have to make a minimum order. those for precious metals under $1000 are not accepted, nor are those for cryptocurrency under $10,000.

Return Policy

The company declares that lost packages would be refunded within 30 days after shipment or re-shipped at their discretion. If you have an issue with your order, such as missing or damaged items, they must be contacted within 5 business days of receiving your box.

Packages that are returned to the company and remain unclaimed for 60 days from the date of purchase will be repaid 95% of the order’s cost.

Companies like Augusta charge ZERO fees for up to 10 years and allow you to choose your own gold & silver. Perpetual Assets on the other hand provide fewer options.

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Perpetual Assets Reviews and Complaints: BBB, Trustpilot, Sitejabber Read all the Perpetual Assets reviews & complaints

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) platform, which is focused on enhancing marketplace trust by rating businesses based on their reliability and performance, Perpetual Assets receives no rating or review. It can be a red flag for potential investors who are considering investing with this company.

Also, other business ratings platforms, such as Trustpilot, Trustlink, ConsumerAffairs, Yelp, Sitejabber, and Yellowpages, have not rated or reviewed Perpetual Assist.

Furthermore, the company only has one 5-star rating from a customer on Google.

Yelp Review of Perpetual Assets

Customer reviews and ratings play a major role when it comes to selecting companies to invest with.

Undoubtedly Perpetual Assets does not have a good online presence, so if you’re searching for a company with good ratings and reviews, you should look somewhere else.

On the other hand, our #1 IRA company has 1000s of positive reviews on different customer platforms. Client reviews are a major trust factor. Hence, I recommend only dealing with companies with a significantly positive reputation.

Is Perpetual Assets Legit? Should You Invest With Them?Is Perpetual Assets scam or legit? Are they worth it?

No, I don’t think you should invest with them.


  • Offer a unique investment approach
  • Lack of specialization


  • Lack of information and testimonials from the trusted and well-known websites
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Lack of transparency about its team members
  • Not very popular

Perpetual Assets may be an ideal option for diversifying your portfolios through alternative investments. Their reasonable pricing and wide choice of investment possibilities, including digital currencies and precious metals, make for an appealing combination.

Although investing can be a great way to build and raise the value of your portfolio, it is critical to keep in mind that all investments involve some risk.

Perpetual Assets is not a scam, but I do not recommend them.

Too many things about the company are not good, such as the lack of transparency about its core team and the lack of a good online presence with no customer reviews and ratings, which is definitely a red flag.

Each state has its own regulations and rules, so we’ve sorted and found the best Gold IRA company for each state.

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