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Capital Coin and Bullion
Capital Coin and Bullion is a family-owned precious metals dealer based in Austin, Texas. The store offers various gold and silver products to consumers. However, it doesn't have gold IRA services to offer and has a limited online presence.
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Capital Coin And Bullion is a precious metals company located in Austin, Texas that claims to offer gold, silver, and other metals. 

Capital Coin And Bullion

Since gold and silver are precious metals, they allow people to invest in physical assets. They are an excellent investment choice for anyone looking to protect their wealth from market volatility.

However, what investors want to know is whether this company is legitimate. What items do they provide, and is it worth investing with them? Do they also provide Gold IRAs?

In this review, we will answer all of these questions as well as discuss our top-recommended company.

About Capital Coin And Bullion

Capital Coin and Bullion was founded in 2009 by a husband and wife in Fredericksburg, Texas. They bought an antique mall in Fredericksburg and opened another one on Main Street.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn at the time destroyed their businesses. They found that the only profitable items they offered were coins and gold.

The 2008-2009 economic crises showed them that they needed to prepare themselves and others for future economic volatility. They also realised that they needed to be in a more crowded area.

Coin and Bullion

So they relocated to Austin and announced that they would offer the best discounts for buying and selling precious metals. They feel that diversification is the best strategy for any financial portfolio and aspire to be Texas’ leading source of precious metal investments.

Capital Coin and Bullion help its clients in protecting their existing and future assets and making good financial decisions by educating them and directing them in the appropriate way.

In addition, according to its website, the company has helped several families and works hard to engage positively with everyone. However, there are no reviews or customer statements on the company’s website to confirm this.

Any prospective consumer wishing to invest in precious metals would benefit from having quick access to this information. Also, the Better Business Bureau website reports that the organisation has had no complaints.

However, it does not provide the company with a rating or accreditation.

Beware of Gold IRA scams. Recently several scams have been charged by the authorities. Companies such as Regal Assets, Safeguard Metals and Red Rock Secured defrauded hundereds of retirees like you and me. I strongly suggest you learn how to identify gold IRA scams. You can request a free guide using the button below:

Capital Coin And Bullion Products: What Do They Offer?

Purchasing gold and silver is a great strategy to diversify and protect an investment portfolio against inflation. It also serves as a safety net in the event of a financial crisis, such as massive currency devaluation.

As a result, it is important to purchase gold and silver from a trusted dealer. They also provide a large resource library to assist investors in learning more about precious metals and the investing industry.

Products & Services

A precious metals company should also send price alerts on any new products that enter their inventory so that investors can be sure to acquire the best price possible.

Lastly, they may notify investors when it is time to sell their bullion in order to maximise its worth. 

However, Capital Coin and Bullion’s website does not contain any information related to its products & services.

When you click “Specials” at the top of the website, for example, it states Capital Coin and Bullion has a large range of gold and silver coins in stock.

However, there is no information regarding precious metals in stock at Capital Coin and Bullion when you click “Shop” at the top of the web page.

Capital Coin and Bullion’s lack of information about the precious metals in stock could be a major red flag for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Does Capital Coin And Bullion Offer Storage Services?

Capital Coin and Bullion claim to offer precious metals such as gold and silver bullion. However, their website does not provide any information that they provide storage solutions or work with a provider that does.

Clients can store their precious metals in a secure facility to protect them from theft and vandalism. They can also give insurance to investors to cover any damage that may occur during storage. 

However, Capital Coin and Bullion has no information on having a facility capable of keeping precious metals of any size.

In addition, further information related to giving shipping options and delivery tracking details to customers is also not mentioned on its website.

Shipping and delivery tracking information is important for customers who do not live in the Austin region or who live out of state before making a purchase.

Does Capital Coin And Bullion offer Self-Directed IRAs?

Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to save for retirement while minimising taxes. Precious metal investors can take advantage of tax-favoured investment options such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). 

IRAs are a great option for anyone looking to save money on taxes while also gaining long-term investment security.

Self-directed gold IRAs allow investors to diversify their portfolios, save for retirement, and minimise the burden of taxes by purchasing precious metals and other assets such as real estate, commodities, commercial paper, convertible/debenture notes, and other investments. 

Unfortunately, Capital Coin & Bullion’s website does not provide information indicating that they are an independent, self-directed IRA custodian or that they work with an independent custodian.

As a result, investors who want to invest in precious metals through a self-directed IRA must work with another firm.

My recommended Capital Coin And Bullion Alternative

I don’t recommend investing in a gold IRA with Capital Coin And Bullion. Why? Because they don’t specialize in this area.

I recommend going with our top-rated company: Augusta Precious Metals. You can check out my review of them here.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is regarded as one of the most trustworthy companies in the market. Their company was founded in 2012, and their main goal is to help their clients have a better retirement.

Thousands of good reviews about their products and services can be found on numerous websites. This shows how successfully they achieve their tasks and handle their customers regardless of their needs.

Augusta Precious Metals maintains its leadership position by providing its clients with educational resources. This is excellent for people who need more field experience and understanding.

It is also significantly easier to open an account with them. You will still have to deal with paperwork, but they will assist you through the process to ensure everything is in order.

The only disadvantage of the company is its high minimum investment requirement of $50,000. Others may think this is overpriced, but rest assured that they will keep your assets and cash protected.


  • Kingdom Trust, which manages over $12 billion in assets, has been a long-term partner.
  • A wide range of products are offered.
  • A long list of coins
  • All orders receive free shipping.


  • The minimum investment cost is high ($50,000).

Why should you invest in a Gold IRA?

A gold IRA retirement account allows you to hold gold bullion or physical gold coins or bars. It works similarly to a 401(k) or traditional IRA. A gold IRA can be opened with the most reputable financial institutions, such as banks and brokerage firms.

Invest in Gold IRAs

A gold IRA can help you diversify your retirement portfolio while also protecting you from inflation. But what are the benefits of gold investing? 

Here are the top five reasons why you should invest in a gold IRA.

Portfolio Protection

Gold is a safe refuge in times of crisis, and it may be used as a portfolio diversifier to balance out other assets in your IRA. Gold is appealing as an investment since it is not correlated with other assets. In layman’s words, this shows that gold does not move in the same direction as other assets. 

For example, if you have a stock and bond portfolio, changes in either market will not affect gold.  If stocks fall, gold will not fall with them – and vice versa. So, by including gold in your portfolio, you may protect yourself against future losses without losing returns or liquidity. 

Tax Benefits

When you invest in a gold IRA, you will be able to take advantage of tax-deferred or tax-free profits that other assets do not provide. A traditional IRA can be an excellent way to save for retirement, but it may not be the ideal option if you want greater investment freedom.

A gold IRA account, on the other hand, allows you to invest in precious metals without having to worry about paying taxes on any profits you make throughout the year or when you retire. So, if you’re seeking a different way to increase your nest egg without having to worry about taxes eating away at your savings, a gold IRA could be just what you’re looking for.


A gold IRA provides diversification against other assets that, during economic downturns or periods of high inflation, can be volatile, such as bonds and stocks. Gold is one of the most secure investments since its price remains in line over long periods of time with low fluctuation. However, gold’s value tends to rise during periods of high inflation or economic uncertainty.

Yet it frequently decreases value as the economy recovers and inflation falls. As a result, owning gold diversifies from other asset classes such as stocks and bonds while also providing some protection against inflation risk over time.

Long-Term Security

A Gold IRA provides long-term security. Gold has been around for thousands of years and will most likely continue to do so for thousands more. The only way this will change is if humans stop using precious metals for jewellery and decoration, or if another type of currency replaces gold as the most popular form of payment.

Because gold has been used as a currency for so long, it is unlikely to become outdated anytime soon. Many countries’ economies have grown significantly as a result of the use of gold as a currency. You can also decide how much gold to buy each month or year, based on how much money you have to invest.

Inflation Hedge

Gold is one of the strongest inflation hedges since it has consistently maintained and even gained value during periods of economic uncertainty. Inflation happens when there is an excess of money in circulation, causing it to lose value. 

Deflation occurs when there is insufficient money available and the value of each dollar rises. Both are, of course, unpleasant for investors and savers, but inflation is the more common issue.

Final Thought on Capital Coin And Bullion

Capital Coin and Bullion may have a collection of gold, silver, and other precious metals.

However, they need to get relevant information about what they have in stock on their website, so it is difficult to say whether this is a good place to go for investors or precious metal investors.

Capital Coin and Bullion is a legitimate company; they are not a scam; yet, we don’t recommend them.  There are several red flags with this dealer, such as the fact that they don’t disclose any information about their products and services. 

Before you make any final decision, I suggest checking out our list of the top gold IRA providers.

Alternatively, you can check out the following map where we have ranked companies by state:

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