Jordan Peterson Court Order

Renowned psychologist and author, Jordan Peterson recently faced a court ruling in Ontario. Dr. Jordan Peterson had sought the intervention of the Ontario Divisional Court to overturn an order from his professional regulatory college.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario had ordered JBP to complete a social-media coaching program after they had received multiple complaints regarding his online posts.

Justice Paul Schabas wrote that the professional regulatory body had “adequately” considered Dr. Peterson’s online statements. Furthermore, he wrote that they had given them proper consideration when giving him the order to attend Social Media Sensitivity Training.

The SCERP training is quite controversial and Jordan Peterson expressed his concerns that it might affect his right to free expression.

However, the Ontario court said that the remedial program would have a “minimal impact” on his right to freedom of expression. In fact, the court said that it strikes the right balance between upholding the professional standards of the regulatory authority as well as his own rights.

In November 2022, Dr. Jordan Peterson had asked the court to review his college’s decision. The college requires him to complete the sensitivity training and JBP claimed that his online comments, due to which he received this order, are not connected to his profession.

It’s worth noting that if he fails to complete the program, the conflict might go to the college’s disciplinary committee and Dr. Jordan Peterson might even lose his license.

How It All Started? The Story Behind the Jordan Peterson Court Case:

Apparently, the college had received multiple complaints against Dr. Peterson in the last few years. These complaints made various allegations against the “12 Rules for Life” author saying that he made transphobic an racist comments.

Furthermore, some complaints alleged that his offensive comments were not meeting his professional standards. The first investigation into Jordan Peterson’s statements took place in 2020.

Jordan Peterson Court Order


Then, the college had told Dr. Peterson that his online statements might reflect poorly on the profession. Moreover, they said that his statements might even harm others and asked him to be more respectful.

However, the college began a new investigation in 2022 when they received more complaints against his online statements.

It’s worth noting that that the Ontario court verdict has attracted a lot of backlash.

Dr. Peterson said on X that it infringes on his freedom of speech and called it a persecution. Also, the Canadian Constitution Foundation expressed disappointment on this decision.

Professionals should not have to soft pedal their speech for fear that activists will weaponize regulatory bodies so that unpopular speech is penalized, even when there is no connection between that speech and the profession.

Christine Van Geyn, Litigation Director of the CCF

Jordan Peterson is a prominent figure in conservative circles. He is author of best-selling book “12 Rules for Life” and has a large social media following. Recently, he focuses on the upliftment of young men through his content while also calling out the hypocrisy of politicians.

Also, he is a brand ambassador of Birch Gold Group, a precious metals dealer.

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